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Tomas Glass is a respected Texas visual artist making his debut in music with his new album "Devil In the Dugout".

A mix of old school Country and new school "Alt" Country with bits of blues, jazz, and even psychedelia.

The album is produced by J.D. Osborn.

All songs written by Tomas Glass.

Fans of Steve Earle, Wilco, 16 Horsepower are sure to enjoy this album.

Devil's Shoes

The musicians on this album are lovingly called "Devil's Shoes". Tomas Glass singing lead vocals. The amazing vocal talent of Caretta Bell featured on "Devil In the Dugout", "I Can't Hold On to You", "Heaven or Hell", "Last Goodbye", "Old Picker In the Corn", and "Down to the River". All drum programming by Kenneth Scott. Claudia Glass making her singing debut on "All These Years". All the rest of the music and vocal parts by J.D. Osborn.

Tomas would like to thank:
My family and friends, the Martinez family and J.D.Osborn for such a bad ass job.

This album is dedicated to my mother.

New Album

"Devil In the Dugout"

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Album cover

Track listing:

1. Devil In the Dugout
2. Besides Myself
3. I Can't Hold On to You
4. Heaven or Hell
5. Last Goodbye
6. 1972
7. Old Picker In the Corn
8. Something Burns
9. All These Years
10. Down to the River
11. Oh My Son

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All downloads released for free via Creative Commons License. You are free (and encouraged) to distribute this album and use these songs however you wish as long as you give proper attribution to Tomas Glass and do not use it for commercial purposes.

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Tomas Glass

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